News — Murdoch Law School Costs Units

Coulson Legal is pleased to announce its involvement in Murdoch University’s new legal costs units.


The units will be coordinated and taught by both Dr Stephen Shaw and doctoral candidate and Coulson Legal’s graduate lawyer, Amy Pascoe.

The units are:

  1. The Law of Costs – for Lawyers and Law Students
  2. Legal Costs Assessment – for Law Clerks

The units start concurrently on 28 November 2016 and run for five days.  The introduction to each unit will address all participants (lawyers, law students and law clerks).  Then each unit will branch off into separate streams.  The Lawyer’s Costs Course will cover a number of topical legal issues, and the Law Clerk’s Costs Course will explore the costs assessment process in greater detail, with an emphasis on practical application.

As a guest lecturer, Maria-Luisa Coulson will be providing an overview of the development of the law of costs, including an introduction to costs agreements and disclosure, and special costs. Coulson Legal’s senior paralegal, Hayley Tristram will lecture the Law Clerks on the importance of costs agreements and disclosure, billing, the costs assessment process, and document management to increase costs recovery.

The units are available to Murdoch students and other law or legal studies students on a cross enrolment basis.  The cost of each unit (on a ‘not for award basis’) is $1,000.00 excl GST, and the Law of Costs unit (for Lawyers) attracts 6 CPD points.

For further details, contact Dr Stephen Shaw, of Murdoch University, on